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Assessment & Evaluation

Posted by on Oct 1, 2008 in Education | 0 comments

Assessment and evaluation each play a vital role in the learning process.  Students and teachers alike can benefit tremendously from reflecting on learning.  This can be accomplished in two ways: 1.   Assessing the success of the student. 2. Evaluating teacher effectiveness.  This is particularly true in distance education courses, because many times direct feedback is not provided and instructors struggle for a means to gauge how students have progressed within the subject matter.  “The two disciplines of distance education and educational assessments have seen dramatic changes and growth recently.”  (Suen & Parkes, No date available)  To the distance educator, assessment and evaluation can be indispensable tools that serve as a compass to guide both the teacher and the student to a common ground where learning can take place.

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Needs Assessment

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A lot is at stake when a company decides to invest in ongoing training.  Instructional designers and trainers have a lot of responsibility and need to use appropriate tools when deciding the most efficient means of training employees.  To make this process easier and more cost effective, many companies adopt the use of a needs assessment to focus their training endeavors.

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