Articulate & the Flash 10 Patch

Posted by on Dec 6, 2008 in Software | 1 comment

Recently my department was gearing up for a large release of online material.  We were just about to finish up the final stages of development, when I ran upon an article regarding Flash 10 and Articulate.  If you are utilizing any version of Articulate prior to the new ’09 version, your presentations will not be viewable by users who have Flash 10 installed.

Articulate has responded promptly by releasing an updater that will scan the selected directories and update your files to be compatible with the new Flash player. You can download the update by going here, or you can read up on the details in their forums here.  We utilized the updater and determined that the patch was successful.  If your material has already been released, you will need to run the update and have users clear their cache and cookies before the changes will take effect.

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  1. Fortunately, once this patch is installed, any new interactions created on this version will automatically update the files, so you don’t have to run the process again unless you download the files from your LMS for updating.

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