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Adobe Captivate 4 Patch

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Today Adobe announced the release of a patch for Adobe Captivate 4 to correct reported sound quality issues. This upgrade is not automatic so users will need to go to “Help > Updates” to download the latest and greatest.  Some other things addressed within the download include USB microphone support for Vista, correction to an issue opening projects, some memory leaks, image quality upon resize and undefined variables in the widget template. Click here to get the latest patch or read more information on the release on the Adobe Captivate blog here.

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Build Your Own Microphone Pop Screen

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One of the bigger hassles in editing voice audio tracks is cleaning up loud pops in the recording where plosive ‘p’ and ‘b’ sounds cause a burst of volume. These are easily avoided by placing a screen between the person speaking or singing and the microphone. By creating a fixed distance between the vocalist and the microphone you get the added bonus of reducing sibilant sounds made through speaking words with ‘s’ and ‘ch’. Buying a pop screen from a music supply store will set you back $20-30, depending on the quality of the screen and the stand on which it’s mounted. It’s easy to build your own screen with some nylons and an embroidery hoop available at most craft stores for a couple of dollars.

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Twitter & eLearning

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Twittering isn’t just for catching up on your friends from high school anymore. The realm of social networking is growing and there’s a wealth of information out there if you just take a little time each day to tap this incredible resource. So how do you access all that cutting edge distance learning information utilizing Twitter? Let’s take a look…

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Adobe announces beta for Captivate for the Mac

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It’s official. Adobe has announced the first of the software builds for Captivate for the Mac. This is a momentous occasion! If you own a Mac and can put some time into testing the first ever build of Adobe Captivate for the Mac OS then complete the Adobe Prerelease form.

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